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Our email service has changed effective August 25, 2014, and those who use the official mailboxes @cpcug.org should click here for the changes to our email services. We will be doing tweaks as we wait for the new addresses to propogate across the globe.

Please do not confuse access to CPCUG webmail with registration (to post comments and ask questions on this website).

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  • Substantial detail about this and related matter appear under the "FAQ & Forums" link on the main menu.

The old CPCUG site is no longer operational. If you must, you can use www.archive.org's "Wayback Machine" to view its very stale content. Because of this change of address, some links on this new site may prove to be broken, and we'll fix them as time permits. This is still a volunteer activity of CPCUG.

Generally if you have questions about CPCUG don't email or phone us until  you've looked at the website and our FAQ. You'll find various information updates in our Developments and News rolls, to the left, and to the Blogs, accessible by the menu above. If you know which Special Interest Group you want to explore, use the drop down menu below the main menu SIG entry, also ab

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There will soon be private areas for CPCUG Members as there is now for the CPCUG Board. Both require that you be a CPCUG Member if not also a CPCUG Board Member. You're welcome to renew or apply for membership: use the "Contact Us" and other Membership links. Thanks!

Support CPCUG With Your Online Purchases

Thanks to Nan Blissett, CPCUG has an online "store" associated with the Amazon.com mega-shopping Web site. If you haven't visited Amazon lately, or haven't ventured beyond its huge book selection, you may be surprised that it's become an entire shopping mall offering electronics, apparel, baby items, beauty products, gourmet food, sports and outdoors items, and a wealth of other categories. As an approved Amazon Associate, CPCUG earns from 4 to 10 percent on Amazon purchases referred from the CPCUG.ORG Web site. The higher our referrals, the greater our earnings will be. So when purchasing from Amazon—think CPCUG.ORG! This helps fund CPCUG's revitalization and supports our community service activities (free meetings, science fair judging and prizes, computer recycling, etc.)

Shopping with CPCUG is easy and costs no extra time or money. Instead of going straight to the Amazon.com Web site, simply go to CPCUG's Amazon Shops and select the category in which you're interested. Once you're on the Amazon Web site, purchases you make in all categories during that visit will be credited to CPCUG.