We Are All in This Together

Calling all SIG Leaders and CPCUG Officers!

As with most things CPCUG, in order for this new website to maintain relevancy we are going to have to WORK at keeping the content fresh.  We have done some things to add fresh data to our site such as RSS feeds and the APCUG PUSH articles.  But, that isn't enough and we are expecting all of the SIG Leaders and BOD Officers (me included!) to contribute.

Here is what we would like you to contribute:

Test Reboot Blog

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Beta Testing Ready

The new CPCUG website looks ready for Beta Testing. Invitations will issue soon.

As you can see, this is not the final URL, which will be after we retire the old website.

There is a link to the old site on the new Home page, and the links to our webmail and Listserv Lists are fully functional.

President Blog First Post

Finally!  What a great relief seeing this website finally take wings - even if it is only in early testing.  Mark Leymaster, our Internet Services Director, has been working with a consulting firm for many weeks to bring the website to this point.  From now on much of the input as to how the website needs to function and keeping the content updated is going to fall on our shoulders. 

Work progresses on the new website

Dennis Courtney's picture

We are about to embark on the next step towards making our new website real and available to some early testers.  The live test is now online and I'm updating this blog post as my first entry on the new site.  Mark has been working hard with our consultants to put this thing together and everything looks to be right on target.  The consultants did a walk-thru earlier this week with Mark and I to show off the functionality of the site.  After going through all of the features, I am left wondering if we will be able to utilize half of the capabilities that have been put before us.


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