Fun and Knowledge with YouTube

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Whether you have a tablet, smart phone, or any kind of computer, YouTube is one application that can, all by itself, really justify the purchase of your device. YouTube can be found on the internet at (that’s easy to remember, right?) or you can download the free YouTube application for any device. Since Google has acquired YouTube, it can also be found on the Google web site (it used to be Google videos).

Twitter for Seniors

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You’ve never used Twitter. You say you’re too old for Twitter…it’s only for kids, and you could care less about reading what Lady Gaga had for lunch today. So obviously, Twitter is not for you. Wrong! If these are your thoughts about Twitter, I can say with authority that Twitter is not what you think.

Be Careful of Buying Old Versions

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Don't be fooled by a cheap price on a product. It may be last year's model. While sometimes this is okay, for others it is a real rip-off. Here are some examples that you may want to read. Remember being a savvy consumer is essential in today's high tech world.

In the recent past, when a new version of a product was introduced, the old versions were removed from the retailer’s shelves. So when you went into the store, you were sure of getting the latest and greatest version of each product.

It appears you can develop for iOs with C#

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The last meetings of the Programmers' SIG were about C#, and now it turns out you can develop iPad, iPhone and Android mobile apps with it. The tool is called Xamarin.

The "news" is that this new tool kit is available during August as a month-by-month subscription, so you can test this tool and its development evironment at pretty low cost. Company says you can cancel anytime and continue month-by-month indefinitely, even if the company withdraws this option.

Access to Official Emailboxes on the new Service

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The changeover to the new email system is about to begin, as soon as Dennis and I settle on the date. After that shift has settled, we'll work on moving our security certificate for

Those of you who use official accounts will want to know
how to access the new email boxes. There will be a delay of a day or two
while the new internet addresses propagate for our new host.

Backups and Disk Cloning

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Brian Riley, Vice President of the NNCUG, gave a Membership Meeting presentation on computer backups and cloning of hard drives. Most of his presentation centered on what you can do to get your computer working quickly after a virus infestation or hard drive failure.

He explained that while backing up is necessary, the problem is that you have to have a working operating system and backup software to restore the backup you made. This may entail having to reinstall the operating system and backup software before you can even start to get your computer back.


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