So Have You Voted?

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We're working on online voting for visitors, and eventually for CPCUG Members in a private area.

The first efforts are available via the Vote Now button on the main menu bar. Click and then click again to vote.

Comment here on what you'd like to see polled, and how to attract voters to the poll.


Windows Media Center - Pictures, Video and TV too

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Microsoft gave us a gift when they included Media Center in Windows. Windows Media Center (WMC) is a media player (organize and show pictures, slideshows and videos) and a digital video recorder (view and record live TV). Pictures and videos are really no big deal, Windows Media Player, WinAmp and VLC all do a fine job. The real gift is the ability to watch and record TV. It is possible to configure Media Center to handle up to 4 TV signals.

Goodbye XP

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On April 8, 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and Office 2003. After that date there will be no new security updates, non-security hot-fixes, free or paid assisted support options, or on-line technical content updates. However, all your software will continue to work just as well as it did on April 7, so you needn't panic, but it would be prudent to come up with a rational transition plan. There are three choices: (1) continue to use XP, but take some precautions, (2) keep your present hardware, but upgrade the software, and (3) purchase new hardware and software.

Chromecast –Watch On-line entertainment on your big screen TV

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Chromecast is a new device from Google, aimed at getting your on-line entertainment on to your living room TV (or any TV with an HDMI input). For video streaming, Chromecast may be similar to AppleTV and Roku devices, though I haven’t used either of these. Chromecast is an exciting device for both consumers and developers alike, because it offers a new, inexpensive ($35) and simple way to stream entertainment from a Website or a computer to your living room big screen HDTV.

Net Neutrality Ending and So is Your Chance to Comment

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Make up your mind, then let your voice be heard. Soon,

The public comment period on the Federal Communications Commission proposal to allow some big internet corporation to pay extra to "come first" in delivery and routing runs until July 15​th, at which point a second phase of commenting will open up. (That second phase will run for 57 days beyond that, until September 10th, and is meant to allow the public to reply to comments that the FCC received during the first phase.)

Your mailbox will close after July 31st, No Joke

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The following message just went out to all email users

Please take this message seriously. If you rely on your mailbox, you'll need to find a substitute before July is done.

CPCUG will shortly be ending member email services, other than the few official accounts used by active officers and directors. Please read this message to the end to review your options. It is repeated online here.

Agenda for Investment SIG 16 July Meeting, open to the public

July MISIG Monthly Meeting


Maryland Investment SIG 16 July 2014 Bethesda Library 7400 Arlington Rd

Agenda for 16 July 2014 - Bethesda Public Library - 7:30 pm

The evening will revolve around two topics, each led by a knowledgeable presenter:

7:30 pm   "Fixed Income Investing" will be presented by Liz Mulcahy, a bond specialist with Charles Schwab Inc and works out of their Bethesda MD office.  Banks currently offer depositors close to zero interest, so finding alternative investments is a widespread need.

Interbase may have a Backdoor

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I am just an observer, but this caught my eye, When I did Delphi programming, my relational database of choice was Interbase.

Infoworld says at least some versions of interbase have a backdoor, engineered in:

Your mileage may vary.


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