CPCUG Email Was Not Working, Bother

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Our email is working again as normal. Sorry for the temporary outage, when the CPCUG email service stopped working Tuesday later-afternoon to Wednesday mid-morning.

The problem was a badly done security-certificate update, and a time-stamp error which was probably part of the other goof.

Since we've separated the email and the web servers, you can check here to get status (as we know it), when problems like this arise.



Backup & Restore Using Windows 7

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I’m going to go out on a limb, here and say that we are all aware that our computers software has to be backed up.  Your data, the Operating System and the Applications that you have installed, all should be backed up with some regularity.  Data is fairly easily backed up with a simple “copy” or a free backup utility such as SyncToy, but up until Windows 7, the system had to be backed up with an “imaging” application that was typically not for free.

Speccy: Another Useful Utility

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Way back in November 2009, in the heydays of XP, shortly after the release of Windows 7, I started reviewing useful utilities. Along the way I reviewed some very useful utilities such as Stickies, MP3Tag, CKRename, and UltraFileSearch. Just as a matter of review, Utilities are usually small programs that are intended to do a specific task or a small range of tasks, they are small software application. Today, after the release of the Apple iPad and in the current Tablet environment, we would call these Utilities “Apps”.

iCan’t: 5 Things Android Users Take for Granted and iPhone Users Just Can’t Do

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Have you ever thought that there might be a reason Android users brag about their customizability? Sure, as an iPhone user, you can add and configure apps, change your wallpaper, and otherwise make yourself feel at home. But at the end of the day, you’ve only changed a few small details. If you happen to have jailbreaked your iPhone to run Cydia and are enjoying some of the best Cydia tweaks, you can do more. But users with stock iOS are able to do much less. Don’t believe me? Check out these different things that Android users can do but iOS users cannot.

Reflection on 20 Feb 2014 Meeting's Evening With Fidelity

Simply put, Fidelity's website has a vast array of information to help investors educate themselves with regard to the stock market, stock selection (screens), analysts' opinions about varous stocks and historical information.  Most of this is available regardless of whether or not an investor is a Fidelity client.  Visit www dot Fidelity dot com and explore the draw-down menu selections.

More Free Utilities to Clean Hijacked PCs

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Hardly a week goes by that I do not get a call from a friend or co-worker asking for help with a computer that had been hijacked by one of the thousands of variants of a type of malware generically known as "Rogue AntiVirus". Last weekend was busy for me in this respect in that I received multiple frantic calls for help on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All of the computers I was asked to clean had been totally hijacked by this rogue antivirus operating under the names "Vista AntiVirus 2012", "Windows 7 Antivirus", and "Microsoft Antivirus 2012".

Using Windows Task Manager to Get Out of Potential Harmful Situations

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There is an easy method of getting your computer out of two situations of potential harm. To do this, we will use the operating system's built-in program called the Task Manager.

The first situation is when you have too many programs running at one time and the computer locks up. This lockup can also be caused by a single program that for one Reason or another, fails to run properly. Reaching over and hitting the power button may seem to be your only option but there is a much better choice.

Web Browsing 101

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Do you know the difference between a browser and a search engine? If not, it’s time to learn the jargon! At the same time you can learn all about Web browsers and what they can do for you.

Often when I ask people which Internet browser they are using, they respond “Google.” Yet, Google is not a Web browser. It is a search engine. This is a confusing concept for many. When you go to the store you may be browsing through the aisles while searching for a certain item. You can’t be searching for a certain item unless you are already in the store browsing through the displays.


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