Computer Password Tips and Strategies

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Most of us have several computer or internet “accounts” which provide us with many free services such as email, movies (Netflix), video communications (Skype), photo printing (at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.), music (I-Tunes), banking, shopping, games, entertainment, books, and many more. In fact, your computer is the perfect window to the world and all the people and services in it! But each account you set up requires some sort of “ID” and a password. For example, your email account is your email address and it requires a password to access your email.

Year-end Deal on Delphi as this SIG ends.

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Sorry to see the Programmers' SIG retire, but there's a "final offer"

You can upgrade from _any_ paid version of Delphi, especially Delphi Pro, to the Delphi XE5 studio for $550, and add the iOs/Android development  tools for another $300. See

Happy Holidays

for the Programmers' SIG  at CPCUG

What are File Types?

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Did you ever try to open a file and the computer wouldn’t let you?  Did you ever wonder what those three or four letters mean after the dot (i.e. period) in a file name?  Well, it all has to do with “file types” also known as file “formats”.  And the purpose of my article is to give you a good basic overview of “file types”.

Web's Up, Time to think about modernizing Email

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CPCUG needs to rethink it's email system.

If we move to free memberships, we will need to change our email service and start charging for it. Our email service, as presently configure is unusually expensive, and being subsidized by other CPCUG activities.  The main reason for this expense is that we allow practically unlimited storage, and a few CPCUG email users take unjustified advantage of it. They have been asked to reduce their storage voluntarily, but have not all responded.

Tuning Windows 7

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Recognize first that there is little to be gained by tweaking Windows 7, as it quite effectively tunes itself to your hardware. Most likely, the major benefit of doing this is that you will be better educated about your PC.

Staying Connected While Working Remotely

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While telework and telecommuting—usually just different terms for the same practice—have been discussed widely for years, rarely have they been practiced successfully. In fact, many mainframe-centric companies have had distributed employees for decades, allowing the best experts to support customers worldwide. Still, some organizations and managers steadfastly resist even considering this job-enhancing flexibility, no matter the benefits to them and their employees.

Why? Two main reasons emerge:

Streaming Music – An Alternative Method

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With Windows 7, Microsoft has provided a great way to share music on your home network. Each computer (using Windows Media Player), can share the music from every other computer within a Windows7 “homegroup.” This is accomplished by allowing “streaming” when the homegroup is set up. If streaming is turned on, then the music from another computer in the homegroup will show up in Windows Media Player as available music to play. If you don’t see the other computer’s music, you probably did not turn on streaming.


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