Unlimited Microsoft Training for $99 per Year

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In the latest edition of the APCUG NOOZ sent to us by Gabe Goldberg (our APCUG Region2 representative) we learn of a way to get unlimited training from Microsoft for only $99 per year.  This is not some online class where you cannot ask any questions - this is real, live classroom training in the Microsoft Stores.

Coming Soon: Microsoft Office 2013

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“Oh, no,” you say. Not another new version of MS Office, just when you were getting used to the 2007 or 2010 versions. Calm down. This version is both very much the same and very different from previous versions. If you’re comfortable with the newer Office suites, it’s not at all a problem to learn. The main differences are found not as much in the specific programs as in the overall look and purpose of the suite.

Got it Going

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Sorry the transition to the new website hung up our email service. I tried hard to anticipate problems, and was reassure that it would not be a problem to have the same domain name on our email, on one service, and the website on annother service. They are playing together now, but it caused some scrambling yesterday.

I appreciate our members' patience, and I apologize that it happend at all.

Tips for Upgrading to Windows 8

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If you have just upgraded your computer to Windows 8 and are disappointed at the performance, don’t blame Microsoft. The problem may be with your computer manufacturer and/or with your upgrade preparation. Here are a few tips to get you on the road to happy computing with Windows 8.

In the past two weeks, I have upgraded three computers from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with a wide variety of results. On the first computer, an older Gateway desktop, the upgrade was seamless and Windows 8 works beautifully.

A New Windows (Windows 8)

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For two decades, Microsoft’s Windows operating system has dominated the personal computing landscape. Microsoft’s success comes from making computers easier to use, without being tied to one particular computer hardware manufacturer. But, what really makes Windows King of the Hill is that it provides a common experience between users and a common platform for hardware and software developers. This is a quality at odds with multiple versions of Windows being in use, but Windows must nevertheless progress to new versions.

Thanks to those who Gathered on August 26

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I missed the meeting, but thanks to Henry's notes I got a flavor for the group's ideas. Thanks to Frank too for convening the meeting at a difficult time. 

Next we need to make some concrete commitments. The website has some momentum, but Reboot is likely to suffer if we don't pitch in to keep it going.



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