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The Invitations have Gone Out

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You are reading this because CPCUG has shared with you the temporary url for our new Website. While we are in Beta-testing, please do not share that URL beyond those you know have been invited. (You can see some of their names on postings and comments on our new website.)

Here's hoping you get involved in the beta testing by registering, and then commenting on blogs and forums, and even posting topics in our forums to ask for help from other users, or to discuss the operations of the new Website, which is now in its beta-testing phase.

CPCUG Email is a Changin'

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Various changes are being evaluated for CPCUG email services. The future of free email for paid up CPCUG members may lapse for those who have not been using their free accounts that CPCUG provides. Proposals are under development to transition our services to a new membership model, that requires an active email account to contact members but which needs not be one provided by CPCUG.

Watch This Space

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In the days to come, I wll be expanding this Internet Services Blog, and lay out our planned and possible expansions.

But for starters, this is the place to track developments in CPCUG electronic services, especially web and email related projects. If you have not given CPCUG a contact email, and you want to know what's happening, this is the place to find check early.

Meanwhile, look around the site. We're still in Beta mode, but your comments are welcome.




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