Can you feel the excitement building?

Dennis Courtney's picture

A brand new website!  CPCUG hasn't had a new website since - well, since there have been websites.  The new website is designed to be simple yet powerful.  And by "powerful" I mean that it is going to empower CPCUG communications in some completely new (and long overdue) ways.

A key feature of the new website is a common calendar for all CPCUG meeting.  For many years, it was easy to remember the one big meeting that CPCUG had every month (the "general" meeting).  But, CPCUG has evolved into more than a dozen meetings per month instead of one big meeting.  Putting all of the meeting dates on a single calendar has, for some unknown reason, eluded CPCUG over the years.  The new website fixes that and puts the full calendar right on the front page where everyone can see it.  Every visitor to our website will be able to browse ALL of the various CPCUG meetings throughout the area - all in a single place!

Check out the Upcoming Events in the lower left part of the main web page.