At present Registered Users only post to General Discussion Forum

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The fix has been requested, but for the moment only one of three forums accept posts from Registered Users. This is it. Sorry

Newly Authenticate User allowed to post here

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Oddly, the caption for this Forum says I am not allowed to post. Perhaps it means that I cannot add new topics, as this proves I can comment. If these lines are not whitespaced, it means the simple editor still does not understand double carriage returns.


Please try to find a way to continue CPCUG Email. We long-time CPCUG members really appreciate all the work volunteers have done to keep our email running through the years. If continuing the service requires funding to pay for professional help, we are willing to pay more. However, the proposed abrupt discontinuation of the email at the end of July would cause us huge problems. Please consider ways to continue our email or at least extend it for several more months.