Draft Minutes for 22 May 2013

Board of Directors, here attached is a draft of the minutes from our BOD meeting of 22 May.  Their content calls for and explains how all SIGs need to become engaged in supporting the content of the new CPCUG website as its development moves toward completion.  Due to the length of the BOD meeting and lateness of the hour, we concluded without setting a date for our next meeting.



Wednesday, 22 May 2013, 6:30 pm
Eggspectation, Silver Spring, MD



Barbara Conn              bconn@cpcug.org

Dennis Courtney         president@cpcug.org

Mark Leymaster         isd@cpcug.org

DeeNice Rhodes         deenice@deenice.net

Andy Thompson         thompson01@erols.com

Henry Whitney           whitmvm@comcast.net

Bob Wolpert               wolpert@cpcug.org



Call to Order and Approval of Agenda

The May meeting of the Board of Directors of the Capital PC User Group was called to order by President Dennis Courtney at 7:30 pm (after over an hour working around Eggspectations’ router dysfunction, establishing WIFI and creative efforts to establish a WIFI connection and connect an ipad4 to Eggspectations’ in-house projection system).


The draft agenda proposed that the Board of Directors (BOD) meeting begin by having CPCUG Internet Services Director Mark Leymaster demonstrate the current structure of the beta CPCUG website.  This presentation would then be followed by the business meeting.  This agenda was approved by a motion to accept and then a unanimous second by all attendees.


Minutes of the prior Board Meeting

The minutes for April’s Board Meeting were approved on motion, second and unanimous vote.


Appointment of Temporary Secretary

Dennis Courtney appointed Andy Thompson, director of the Investment SIG to be note taker for this meeting.



Internet Service’s Director’s Presentation of new CPCUG

Mark Leymaster, CPCUG’s Internet Services Director, presented the Beta-version of CPCUG’s new website, built with Drupal by Fantail Technologies, a CPCUG contract partner.


The presentation was in three parts:

·       a powerpoint slideshow (which had to be presented on paper because the at venue technology could not support a digital version;

·       an online demonstration of the development (beta) version of the website; and

·       question and answers from the Board.

The first two items are attached as an integrated Appendix, as provided by Mark.


In summary:


Mark and Dennis agreed the most important immediate action was that all CUCPG’s SIG leaders and Officers personally commit to become engaged in the ongoing process of completing their SIG pages on the new site.

  • Either each SIG-Leader or a named SIG member must keep information about each SIG’s activities current and do so on a monthly basis. So
  • Each Board member should become familiar with the CPCUG new website in its current Beta stage of development by Signing Up with their own email account, and
  • Maintaining a blog or other content stream of interest to CPCUG.


To help make this happen, Mark’s presentation tonight focused on the “user portion” of the website, and demonstrated how SIG leaders can provide the necessary information pertaining to their SIG.


When SIG leaders and Officers sign up on our Beta website, they can comment on news and blogs and post on website forums to offer recommendations, report problems, even ask for help and thereby contribute to the website’s testing.


Each SIG leader will need to decide on what arrangement of web pages works best to tell the story of their SIG, they need to choose a menu which gives visitors access to pertinent and current information about the SIG and its upcoming meetings. They have the freedom to re-arrange their SIGs subordinate pages, using the Drupal 7 reconfiguration tools, on which instruction will be offered to those SIG Leaders and Officers who request such training.


For more details, see the Presentation Slide Set and demo outline reproduced in the Appendix.



The Live Demonstration of the CPCUG Website Beta.

As the minutes cannot record the point-and-click demonstration of user operations on the new website, the outline used for this portion of the presentation is the mid part of the Appendix.


Questions and Answers about the CPCUG Website Beta.

The Board posed several informational questions following the presentation. Mark noted that

·       while it is possible to have different “skins” or “themes” for each SIG page group, it needs more testing. At present it appears neither advisable, easy to learn nor does it allow synchronization and proper integration with the website overall. Since SIG Leaders can change typefaces and colors, add pages, shift the layout on individual pages, hookup and link a wide variety of content, it should be unnecessary to change themes.

·       If a group of Board Members want instruction in operations for their users or for organizing their SIG pages, Mark will try to organize face to face session(s) with less noise and better tech support than the present venue. It may even be possible to do virtual training, for Board Members with internet connections.

·       The next step will be to implement a Board-Member only section of the website, which will be visible and accessible to registered users who are also Board Members. This will allow private postings and discussions. When this is ready the Board will be advised.

Concluding Remarks Dennis Courtney and the attending BOD thanked Mark for his excellent work with guiding the construction of the new CPCUG website and for his extraordinarily well organized presentation this evening.  

  • He reiterated Mark’s point that not only are the contributions of the Officers and SIG Leaders needed to make this site and the CPCUG organization successful, even as their input will be protected by the designed-in security with multiple levels of permission;
  • At the same time, the new website embodies a fresh commitment and priority to allow updates to be as easy as possible for the Officers and SIG Leaders;

After the attending Board Members expressed their appreciation for Mark’s superb work, Dennis stressed that the best way we could show that appreciation would be for all officers and the SIG leaders to use the website and contribution to its ongoing testing and construction of the individual SIG pages.



Minutes of the 24 April 2013, Board Meeting.

A motion was made to accept the posted, revised version of the prior meeting’s minutes, with no further amendments, seconded and unanimously approved.

Officers' Reports


President/Treasurer/Membership – Dennis Courtney

 Reboot  Dennis reported that Reboot needs bulk donations of computers, which are typically corporate. To some extent this donation falloff is seasonal given that donations from school systems stop during summer. Individual contributions of a computer or two are welcome, but as CPCUG distributes about 50 computers each day the Reboot is open to the public, we need more than a few computers to assist the poorest of the poor. Dennis noted that CPCUG is the only long-standing organization which provides clients with such low prices ($25) for the computers.   CPCUG is willing to come to employers or schools in order to pick up the computers.

By-Laws Report Dennis reported in the absence of Frank Sokolove who is heading the update, that Frank, Janet Lathan and Dennis had worked on the By-Laws but no report was ready for this evening’s Board meeting.

Litigation In a short executive session, Dennis noted that litigation efforts involving Reboot and Phoenix are continuing.


Treasurer’s Report Dennis noted that CPCUG will soon start an audit of its books.


Reports from Individual SIG Leaders

Due to the lateness of the hour, the BOD agreed to forgo reports from Individual SIG leaders.


Old and New Business

No old or new business items were discussed


Adjournment and Next Meeting

Again, due to the lateness of the hour, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adjourn the BOD meeting.  No date was set for the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted


Andy Thompson,

Temporary Secretary

[Important Appendix pages to br attached; Previously distributed by ISD via CPCUG-BOD email list.]