How do I Register to use this Site?

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If you want to contribute to this website, which includes posting comments, you have to register. That is a two-step process.

You need a working email address other than those from the Yahoo domain, but can chose any unoffensive username for our website you want. After entering both of those data, you will receive a confirming email at that email address, which if timely confirmed completes your registration request. (We have had to refuse Yahoo based email address on account of spam and systematic unresponsive registration.)

However, there maybe security questions before confirmation asked if your username or your email account are not known to CPCUG, see the FAQ on Sign Up / Registration Security.

Once authenticated, you can then post comments. Please realize that comments are reviewed by real people and CPCUG reserves the right to refuse publication of obscene or off topic postings, and may de-register offenders such as spammers. We also use automated anti-SPAM measures to protect our membership.

If you are also a CPCUG member, see the separate FAQ on CPCUG Membership.