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Unlimited Microsoft Training for $99 per Year

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In the latest edition of the APCUG NOOZ sent to us by Gabe Goldberg (our APCUG Region2 representative) we learn of a way to get unlimited training from Microsoft for only $99 per year.  This is not some online class where you cannot ask any questions - this is real, live classroom training in the Microsoft Stores.

Working With This Website is Easy

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For the past couple of months I have been forcing myself to get into the habit of logging on to this website and adding something to the conversation.  I suggest that I'm building a habit of accessing the website because that is our vision for how CPCUGers should use this website.  We want this website to be the central point for CPCUG related communications and information.  But it can only be that if we all participate.

Upgrading CPCUG

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For those of you who are trying out this website, you already know that CPCUG is upgrading our web presence.  Our plans call for the new website to be the center for communications for all things related to CPCUG.  Between the blogs, the SIG websites, the RSS feeds the plan is to present visitors and members with lots of fresh information on the things we care about.

Unveiling the Website

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Tonight will mark the final unveiling of our new website to the CPCUG Board of Directors.  I can't wait to have them see the work that our consulting company has done at Mark's direction.  Tonight's meeting will be just the beginning as, from this point on, each of us on the Board will need to update our information on a routine basis.  I'm excited and I hope you are too!

Work progresses on the new website

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We are about to embark on the next step towards making our new website real and available to some early testers.  The live test is now online and I'm updating this blog post as my first entry on the new site.  Mark has been working hard with our consultants to put this thing together and everything looks to be right on target.  The consultants did a walk-thru earlier this week with Mark and I to show off the functionality of the site.  After going through all of the features, I am left wondering if we will be able to utilize half of the capabilities that have been put before us.


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