Access to Official Emailboxes on the new Service


The changeover to the new email system is about to begin, as soon as Dennis and I settle on the date. After that shift has settled, we'll work on moving our security certificate for cpcug.

Those of you who use official accounts will want to know
how to access the new email boxes. There will be a delay of a day or two
while the new internet addresses propagate for our new host.

None of the online emails will be in the new mailboxes unless YOU
offload the old files, and then move them into the new mailbox. If
you use webmail access, you especially need to offload the Inbox.Sent
folder from the old service _as soon as possible_.

Neither our website nor the LISTSERV lists will be affected, apart from the consequences of undeliverable mail to addresses of members who have not changed their subscriptions.

For webmail _after the change date_ use
(The security certificate may not be operational immediately.)

For client software, there are pages on the Dreamhost wiki for
most common types of setup, see e.g. Thunderbird at
or Outlook Express

The naming should follow the old norms, but check the port #s,
and substitute the official user name for "user," as
    IMAP Server (Incoming): mail.cpcug (port 143 has optional TLS encryption, or use port 993 with SSL encryption)
    SMTP Server (Outgoing): mail.cpcug (port 587 has optional TLS encryption, or use port 465 for SSL encryption)
And remember the secured access may not work initially.