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For the March MISIG Meeting please update with the following:


Date: March 19,

Speaker: Vas Madhava
Subject: Tactics for the Aggressive Investor

In this presentation Vas Madhava will discuss various tools and techniques that investors can use to get above average returns in their portfolios.

Topics he will cover include:
- Dividing an entire portfolio into sub-groups
- Defining goals for each sub-portfolio
- How to easily identify pullbacks (vs reversals)
- How to scan for and enter fast moving big winner stocks
- One High Probability watchlist
- Identifying when a stock has become over-extended
- Entering and managing a position from entry to exit

Along the way, Vas will discuss how he has personally addressed some long standing investment quandaries such as "Buy-Low, Sell-High" vs "Buy High, Sell Higher", whether to diversify or not diversify and where the edges are in the markets if everything is already priced in.

He will conclude by showing how simple technical analysis techniques that can be used to identify high probability key turning points in stocks and ETFs.


To give viewers a sense of the scope of our meetings, below is the agenda from our prior month's meeting:

February 20, Meeting Agenda


The next meeting of the CPCUG.org Maryland Investment SIG (in affiliation with AAII) is Thursday 20,. 

Topic:  "An Evening With Fidelity:  Technical Analysis and Insights Into Today's Market Developments"


1. 7:30 p.m. Welcome, announcements, Brief Q & A

2. 7:40 p.m.  Our main speaker is Kevin Colleran of Fidelity who will be assisted by an associate.  They will tackle the topics recently raised and selected by our SIG members. Specifically we have asked them to address how investors can make use of technical analysis and the reading of stock market charts to better understand the long and short term market movements.  Because most SIG members have previously been exposed to technical analysis presentations, this will be geared toward and intermediate level rather than for novices or advanced analysis.

In addition, we have asked Kevin to shed some light on which are the more interesting factors worth paying attention to in today’s markets (monetary policy? Other?). Given we will have two hours for presentation, discussion, questions and answers, we hope this will be an opportunity for SIG members to become better acquainted with the tools Fidelity offers investors, whether or not they have a brokerage account with Fidelity.  




Continue with Q & A until 9:45 pm when we will close the meeting and restore the room to its original condition.

We meet at the BETHESDA LIBRARY, 7400 Arlington Road, Bethesda, MD.  It's free to park in the library lot after 7 pm and 75 cents per hour before 7 pm.  If that lot is filled you can park free at the elementary school near the library (one block north on Arlington Road) or on neighborhood streets.

 The Library is also accessible thru the Metro Red Line, Bethesda station, and then about a four block to the Library. 

Also, join us for dinner at 6 pm at La Madeleine on Old Georgetown Road. Parking is in their lot (very small), on the street across from the restaurant, or in the Safeway lot (no guarantee but no one has been towed yet since we aren't there that long). There is also a paid garage nearby.

NOTE: There is a donation box to help offset the copy costs and the fees the county charges us for room rental. If you can't afford this, we certainly warmly welcome you to come and participate, regardless.  Thanks for your consideration. 


Dates for Future MISIG Monthly Meetings:


Mark your calendars for the future meeting dates of our MD Investment SIG. 


Our remaining dates for are:

February 20 (Thursday)

March 19 (Wednesday)

April 16 (Wednesday)

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