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More Cores, SSDs and Large memory…. Oh my!!!!  -Jim Dugan (Microsoft)

Monday,  Mar. 25, at 7:00 PM

More Cores, SSDs and Large memory…. Oh my!!!!   What does it mean for SQL and how can I use them to get better performance.    If time, some interesting projects I have worked on recently….

Warning:  There will probably be some ramblings of an old man; especially when he realizes that it was over 20 years ago when someone from Microsoft  asked him and Brian Moran to start up a local SQL Server Users Group (it turned out to be the first one.)  In those days, SQL Server was running on OS/2 or on the newly released Windows NT.  At the time there were very few companies willing to run a database on anything other than on the mainframe and the desktop database was owned by Dbase.

Jim Dugan is a Solution Architect for Microsoft Federal Healthcare and Benefits team (serving Health and Human Services, Indian Health Services, Veteran Affairs and Social Security Administration).