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Entrepreneurs and Consultants SIG 
Approved by CPCUG.org Board of Directors, November 30, 1998 
[First organizational meeting: May 26]

The Entrepreneurs and Consultants SIG is for computer consultants and entrepreneurs using computers. We welcome current independents, those involved in small businesses either as owners or managers, and those just starting to think about going out on their own. Attendees include those just embarking on their careers, new business owners, and those retiring from one career and thinking of starting a second career as a business owner.

We hope to restart SIG meetings but we need a program organizer. Most have offered informal presentations of interest to SIG members. Q&A should encouraged. Occasionally a member will lead a discussion of problems and solutions encountered by members of the group.

In addition, we could have some activities in a more social setting to encourage networking.

SIG Advisor: Barbara Conn

Expenses:  No significant expenses are anticipated.