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Be Careful of Buying Old Versions

Don't be fooled by a cheap price on a product. It may be last year's model. While sometimes this is okay, for others it is a real rip-off. Here are some examples that you may want to read. Remember being a savvy consumer is essential in today's high tech world.

In the recent past, when a new version of a product was introduced, the old versions were removed from the retailer’s shelves. So when you went into the store, you were sure of getting the latest and greatest version of each product.

“Free Speech” on the Internet, and More

Social networking has allowed people to express themselves to either select people or to the public.  Unfortunately, many posters do not exercise restraint, claiming it is their “right.” Freedom of Speech is a highly treasured right granted to Americans. However, it is also the most misunderstood and abused rights granted under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

How Safe Are Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Many of us travel a lot, whether in business or just to visit our families and friends. We use our computers, smartphones and tablets in hotels, restaurants, and other places, but are these Wi-Fi “Hot Spots safe? 

We all assume it’s safe to connect to the Wi-Fi network at our local Starbucks, airport, waiting area where we have our cars serviced, hospital, or even at a relative’s home. But it is a really bad idea…a very bad idea! There are many reasons you wouldn’t want to do this. Let’s look at the various types of Wi-Fi network.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free telephone number that you can direct to forward calls to any other telephone number. In addition, you can block calls, receive transcribed messages, and do numerous other activities. Google Voice will also dial and connect calls for you; however, the call will be connected to another telephone number, i.e. your cell phone or your land line, as you direct.

Many Ways to Get Help

As with any tool with so many options, computers offer us so many applications that it is easy to become confused and need help. Fortunately, many of these “options” that computers have available are those that are supposed to help us. Here are some ideas for getting help when you are stuck.

What Exactly Is Linux

Everybody who has used a personal computer (PC)—desktop, laptop, notebook, and tablet, whatever—knows about Windows. Microsoft Windows, to be exact. Most of the PC’s in the world use Windows as their ‘operating system’. As many know, a computer system is made of hardware (the actual machinery—the physical computer) and software (the instructions installed into the hardware to make it work).

Fun With Your Scanner

In a previous article we looked at the many options and ways of having fun with your printer. This time I would like to look at using a scanner. It only makes sense that if you are purchasing a new printer it is a good idea to get a “combo” printer that includes a scanner.

What To Do If Your iPad/iPhone Is Taken

I have written about how to secure your device. This month is about what to do if a bad guy got your device.  There are several things that can be done:

Fun and Knowledge with YouTube

Whether you have a tablet, smart phone, or any kind of computer, YouTube is one application that can, all by itself, really justify the purchase of your device. YouTube can be found on the internet at youtube (that’s easy to remember, right?) or you can download the free YouTube application for any device. Since Google has acquired YouTube, it can also be found on the Google web site (it used to be Google videos).