Is Cable Really Necessary?

Do I really need Cable TV?

I have always enjoyed cable tv, since 1983 when it first came Maryland. BUT now as I reside in DC, I started a comcast plan  I paid $90 for full service, then…without changing my plans or boxes  in I was paying$ 130.00! then in $170.00 and then later it escalated to over $225.00. Plus! I am still waiting for my cable carrier to refund the overcharges and mischarges over the last 4 years of over $250.00. SO, I have Decided that this holiday season would be a good time to  stop the cable-train and research and review how I will start the new year. Actually, Most of the programs I like are on the internet for free. All the movies are already available on Netflix and Amazon Prime for a $90 a year for unlimited use on many movies. The regular TV with the DTV channels, carry excellent services. I also have a Roku box that has over 500 channels, that is a one time purchase of $80. All you need really is the internet service and you can get a wireless hotspot for under $50. I want to take a "fast" away from cable and chronicle what I discover with  viable alternatives.  It's time for us to wake up and smell the cable. My Question to you: Over the last 5 years what have been the cable tv cost? Have you been using alternatives and what has the yearly cost been for both. Have you had enough?