CPCUG August 22 Email System Changeover

The CPCUG.org Board decided on June 24th that CPCUG.org email service will end for unoffical users, but no sooner than the end of July.

CPCUG ended our unoffical email boxes on August 25, continuing just the few accounts used by active officers and directors. As notifications on July 3rd indicated, many old mailboxes are no longer available. However, email coming to those addresses can be forwarded to another email address of the users choice, if they ask us to do that.

This change was forced upon the Board because CPCUG.org lacks the volunteers to continue our no charge email services for all members. It also costs us far more than it is worth and lacks the hosting responsiveness that justified the original partnership. You are welcome to comment below about this decision, which was taken unamimously by the CPCUG.org Board on June 24th.

We made a system backup on August 22, but may not be able to recover individual mailbox contents, and certainly without substantial delay. We have now left our old hosting company.

For recommended steps, Click here, to review suggestions given in the individual email to each CPCUG.org mailbox described on July 3,.