Bethesda Chevy Chase Services Center 2nd floor when you come out of the elevator turn right for Room A instead of our old room. This a change of Rooms

4805 Edgemoor Lane the Bethesda Chevy Chase Services Center 2nd. floor. It is next to the Bethesda Metro for those who wish to come by Metro. The room is provided by the County. Several of us got lost the first time we tried to find this building.  The Building is on the corner of Old Georgetown Rd and Edgemoor. Across the street on Old Georgetown Edgemoor's name changes to Commerce Lane and La Madeleine Bakery is right there. If you want to Park turn South on Woodmont there is a public parking lot below the meeting building and an elevator that will take you to the ground level. On Edgemoor you will see a Chipotle Restaurant walk past it (South towards the Metro). You will see some glass doors and the address of the building. Inside there is usually a sign that listing Capital PC User Group or DVUG meeting, that is us. See you there!!