Discount on Sticky Password Premium

This for Members, thanks to our membership in APCUG: a Discount on Sticy Password, a cross-platform tool to create and control your passwords.

APCUG is pleased to announce that Sticky Password gives APCUG members a 40% discount on their Premium password protection program, when the link above is used: 1 user / 1 year: $11.99 – 1 user / Lifetime: $41.99

You can install Sticky Password Premium on all of your Windows, Android, and iOS devices, and it syncs data between all your devices automatically. In order to sync your passwords between devices, Sticky Password needs to store an encrypted copy of your data in the cloud. Nobody can get at that copy without having both your online account password and your master password. For the super-paranoid, the latest edition offers a new option: Wi-Fi sync. In this mode, your devices sync directly with each other when they're connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Your data never goes to the cloud. It also supports fingerprint authentication.

APCUG advises that this program is used by more than two million customers worldwide and was a PC Mag Editor’s Choice in February. Here’s a quote from Daniel Franklin, Kaspersky Lab’s VP of Alliances: “A robust and reliable password management option adds one more layer of protection for our clients.”