Getting Ready for the Montgomery County Fair (Aug 9th-17th)

Every year hosts the Internet Cafe at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and this year will be no exception.  I will be volunteering for multiple shifts at the Fair and I hope you will too. 

Working at the Fair is a fun job.  We divide each day into 3 - 4 hours shifts.  The morning shift opeans at 10AM and runs until 2PM.  The afternoon shift runs from 2PM until 6PM.  The evening shift starts at 6PM and closes at 10PM.  Volunteers for each shift receive a FREE ticket to the Fair that is good for all day.  So, you can volunteer for for 4 hours and spend the rest of your day enjoying the Fair.  The Internet Cafe is in Chilly Mall, one of the few air condittioned spaces in the Fair.

Volunteering that the Internet Cafe is easy.  We have a few computers set up for Fair-goers to use to browse the internet or read their emails.  The volunteer is there to answer any questions about or Project Reboot and to show those that need help how to use the interent.

Although entrance to the Fair is FREE for Internet Cafe volunteers, parking on the Fairgrounds is still $10.  You can park for FREE over at Lakeforest Mall and ride the shuttle bus over to the Fair.  You should plan an extra 20-30 minutes for shuttle parking.

If you haven't volunteered for in some time, why not take this opportunity to get back in the habit of donating some of your efnery to CPCUG?

See you at the Fair!