How do I subscribe to a Email List by email?


L-Soft via its LISTSERV software maintains many topical email lists for its Board, its committees and its Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

You subscribe to one of these lists in a three step process:

  • Once you know the exact name of the List you want to Subscribe to, write an email from the account you want to use in the subscription;
  • In the body of the email put the following line: SUBscribe <Email List Name> <Your First Name> <Your Last Name>, where you replace the bracketed text with your details. For example, SUBscribe CONENT-D John Doe. You may be blocked from Lists if you do not subscribe with a recognizable name. You do not need to be a Member for most of our Email Lists. The subject maybe blank if you wish.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from CPCUG, which you must respond to within 24 hours, for the subscription to take effect.

You can, alternatively, use the LISTSERV web interface by clicking on Email Lists on the Main Menu above, and following the instructions there.