How do I upgrade to Membership?


Current Members have access to restricted Members-only areas on this website, and are given priority consideration for blogging and other content contribution opportunities. So many Registered users will want to be recognized as Members.

If you are already a Member, please Register and then email CPCUG's office from the email you registered, with "Members Website" in the subject line, asking us to upgrade your Registration. The hyper link to email CPCUG's office is in the footer of most of our web pages: just click it and mail the resulting message. You can also use the Contact Us webform if you prefer.

If you are not yet a Member, you need to join us. You can phone or email the office as described above, but include your full name, street address, and telephone number, plus an indication of how you'd prefer to pay for your membership. Membership details are on the Membership page.