How does Sign Up differ from Login?


Login is the way registered users, including members and officers, get access to various features on our website. Click on the hyperlink, blue text against white, with that label in the upper right corner of most pages.

Your access to private areas and to various restricted features of our website is linked to your approved Login name and password. If you don't login, you cannot use those features. For example, you cannot post comments.

In order for a Login to work you must first Sign Up, which is also called registration. This is a separate process, starting from the accordingly labeled hyperlink in the upper right corner of most pages, again blue text against white. Once your get a confirming email, you must then reply and set your password within 24 hours, or your account will not be registered and Login will never work. You cannot re-register using an email that you have already registered, whether or not it was confirmed. Because of uncontrolled spam, we can no longer register email based on Yahoo domains; Sorry.

There are other FAQ on these topics, as some Sign Up approvals require additional steps if you are not already a current member or know to staff. If you have questions about this, you can Contact Us using the main menu item of that same title.