How does Sign Up (Registration) Security Work?


A separate FAQ on Registration describes the usual Sign Up process. The first phase, requesting access via the Sign Up link, results in an authentication email to the address you provide. The second phase is the required reply by you, within 24 hours of your request, in which process you select a password in anticpation of approval. Sadly, is no longer able to accept registrations based on email from Yahoo domains, on account of uncontrolled spam.

The third phase in a manual approval of your request, if authenticated by the timely selection of a password. If you do not reply and select a password in the time allowed, you will never be approved. You will usually not be able to sign up again using that address, since it appears insecure. Moreover, if you start a registration using a free email domain other than Gmail or Hotmail, you also need to separately use our contact form to tell us the reason(s) for your interest. If not your registration will not be approved.

Moreover, if your name and/or your email is not known to staff, we may ask you to further identify yourself. We do this to maintain site security, as malicious registrations were an issue for us even before this site went public. We are not trying to be difficult, just careful.

If you want to speed up confirmation, you can use the Contact Us form to tell us your real name, and your interest in CPCUG, if you do not want to reveal that in your Registration.

We have a Privacy Policy that applies to this enquiry, see the hyperlink in most footers for our web pages. As most email conversations about registration security involve two human beings, you can ask questions as it proceeds.

But understand we reserve the right to deny registration or other access to any one, and that decision is in CPCUG's sole descretion.