If I am an Owner of a CPCUG.org LISTSERV list, how do I change the owner or the owner's email address?


If you are not already designated the Owner of the CPCUG.org LISTSERV email list you want to change, you will not be able to arrange changes.

Depending on how your preferences are set, your screen may not look exactly as described below, but it should be close enough that you can get to the correct page and make the necessary changes.

  1. If you are not already logged in, do so with your user name (LISTSERV e-mail address) and LISTSERV password (near upper right on screen). If you registered on another LISTSERV site, but not on the CPCUG.org LISTSERV site, you will need to register on the CPCUG.org site as well. (It will not pick up your e-mail address and password from another LISTSERV site. It also will not pick up your registration on the home page of CPCUG.ORG.) You must be registered on listserv.cpcug separately.
  2. When you log in, you need to login with the email address linked to your LISTSERV LIST ownership, whether or not that email address is current for you.
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, near the top, you should see the word "Preferences." You may want to click on it and select "Tutorial" as the "Mode." If you wish, examine the other options, and change others as desired.
  4. Return to the home screen.
  5. If there is a change in the name or e-mail address of your SIG's listowner, or if you wish to add or delete listowners, click "List Management." It's on the same line as "Preferences," to the left.
  6. Select "List Configuration," then
  7. Click "Manual List Configuration."
  8. Select your list's name from the dropdown menu on the left, near the top. If you are changing more than one list, you should do the procedure below on one list at a time.
  9. Find the lines for your SIG's listowners.
  10. Change any names and e-mail addresses as necessary.
  11. Add or delete names and e-mail addresses of other listowners for your SIG list as necessary.
  12. When you've finished, proofread your new or revised entries and click "SAVE" near the bottom right.
  13. If you've messed up, you can click "REVERT" and insert your changes correctly.
  14. Click "SAVE."
  15. Click "UPDATE" (near upper right).
  16. If your SIG has a second list (most SIGs have both an announcement list (appended -A) and a discussion list (appended -D), repeat this process from step 10 for that list as well.

Thanks to Barb Conn for this answer.