November 21

Agenda for MISIG (Maryland Investment SIG) Progra

7:30 pm - Welcome, brief Q & A, Overview of our programs

7:40 pm - Dennis Kranyak, president of SMT, will speak on
"5 Minutes a Month to Superior Investment Returns".
He will cover the basics of an automated investment management system developed by Robert Lichello and outlined in his 1977 book, "How to Make a $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically!".  The system was originally designed to be used with mutual funds, but as the author states, will work on any stock or portfolio of any size.

The system is so simple and safe it can be tracked on the back of an envelope.  With the advent of even lower commissions, better brokerage account access, and the emergence of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), the investment environment is ideal for this type of methodology.  The system quite simply forces you to sell as prices go higher and buy as prices go lower. It takes advantage of the fact that the market never stands still, it is either going up or down.  The net result is that the system, when applied to any security or group of securities, will beat the pants of buy and hold....every time.

It requires only fifth grade math.  It is ideal for an IRA, but can also be used for a regular portfolio, an existing portfolio, a college savings account, a custodial account, or a trust.  Wealth accumulation over a twenty year period is nothing short of staggering.  In it's original form it will trigger at most 12 trades a year, with most investments, however three to eight trades per year is the norm.  And, it only takes five minutes a month!

Break (as appropriate)

9:45 p.m.  close up our program and evening to restore the room to its original condition.

Dennis has been an investor for over 40 years, placing his first trade while in the eighth grade.  Born in Chester, CT, Dennis graduated from the Citadel in 1976 with a commission in the Navy.  He served for 20 years and retired in 1996 to trade full time.  He began as a fundamental investor focusing on mutual funds and Blue Chip stocks in 1968.  A friend lent him a copy of "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems" by J. Wells Wilder, Jr. in the early 1980's and about the same time he discovered Investors Daily (later became Investor's Business Daily).  This started his transition from a fundamental to technical investor.

Dennis is president of the Society of Market Technicians and holds workshops on various investment topics. 
Check out Dennis' excellent website, unrulydog and his newsletter Income GPS.