It's good to see lots of activity

Is it just me or has there been a lot more activity lately?  It seems every day that I'm involved in something or other to do with CPCUG. 

Last Friday we installed 4 refurbished computers in the Bedford Court computer lab.  Bedford Court has a lively bunch of computer enthusiasts and has been hosting CPCUG's Senior SIG from some years now.  They have been such good hosts for so long that when they asked if we could update their computer lab, we just couldn't say no.  All of the computers have Windows 7 Professional installed along with a buch of provided software (including MS Office Professional). 

We've been working with Frank Sokolove and Barbara Conn to come up with a modernization of the bylaws.  Frank has provided some of his ideas to help bring our bylaws up-to-date.  Barbara's guidance on some of the historical reasons for some of the bylaws has been invaluable.

It looks like next week Henry Whitney and I will be starting to work out the staffing grid for this year's Internet Cafe at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  The Fair will be here befor we know it so it's never too early to get started.

I would like to hear what some of you are doing this summer.