No all browsers browse equally.

As I've been working on our new Drupal site, I've discovered to my chagrin that not all browsers operate equally well with web based tools. I have to go to Safari to work on certain features of our website because Firefox doesn't show or operationalized all the choices offered.

Web designers have gotten better at detecting browser versions, and if they are any good, altering the web pages to avoid browser malfunctions. However problems persist, even with high powered financial sites in my personal experience. I know it can be a pain, but please pay attention to what's supposed to be happening, and contact the public support staff if you don't understand or don't like what you see.

Sometimes it is just crummy website design, but it can be a problem with your default browser. If you can stand it, you might experiment with multiple alternatives. I've found Opera is particularly good at getting cranky streaming video to work when others fail, e.g.

This may be exaggerated by the fact that my laptop will not run the latest of the many version up steps of Firefox, the there's a general caution here: for each place you notice a badly functioning website, there are probably as many that occur without you noticing. At a minimum if there is money or a relationship at stake, you might take extra steps to document what you think you've accomplished. Use the browser equivalent of writing down the time, location and "name" of the person or website with which you are interacting. The ability to print a pdf from a browser page is the key to making Web Receipts, as is a facile screen capture keystroke. Just chuck them into a Web Receipts folder, and be sure to back it up.