PASSDC (MS-SQL) - Automatically Generate Hundreds of SSIS Packages


Microsoft Technology Center - Chevy Chase, MD


·        Thursday, April 10

6:30 PM

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·        Microsoft Technology Center

·         Our regular meeting! In addition to our featured speaker, we're looking forward to hearing from you about how best this user group can support professionals in the DC area. We'll also have food and raffle of a few things at the end!

**Announcing Office Hours **

Come buy a drink and participate in a SQL discussion group with Chris Bell and others.

We will head over to the Capital Grille after the meeting for about an hour of a casual open SQL discussion. The topic is not set, but feel free to bring any questions you have, or topics of interest.

Featured Presentation: 

How to Automatically Generate Hundreds of SSIS Packages in a Very Short Time

Samuel Vanga, SQL Server and BI Developer Fidelity & Guaranty Life

You're an SSIS developer or an architect responsible for an ETL project. You need to create hundreds (or even thousands) of packages. Manually creating these packages could take a lot of time (we're talking months of development). Moreover, it's easy to miss something while creating these packages, and source/target metadata could change requiring you to recreate them (more months). You just seem to run in circles. What can you do about it? Automate Your SSIS Development. BI Markup Language (BIML) - a free plugin - allows you to programmatically generate packages based on metadata. Join me in this session, and we'll see how to automatically create SSIS packages using BIML. You'll learn about plain BIML, BIMLScript and it's building blocks, leveraging metadata, and an approach I call D[ee]MOB that helps you use all of this knowledge for your specific needs.

About Sam:
Sam Vanga is a data professional, blogger, and presenter with experience in Microsoft SQL Server and BI stack. He specializes in data integration, dimensional design, database development, and BI modeling. He loves process automation because he is lazy, but doesn't like to admit it.