Planning a Tutorial for our Online Editor for Content

Posting events and blog entries here is easy for those with permission. Login and then navigate to the page where you are permitted to add or edit content (the general name for posting events, making blog entries, and updating archives). It can all be done from any browser you choose; mobile devices included!

First look for hyperlinks like Edit or Add Content, which are triggers for your contributions. Clicking on one will launch a word processor like dialog within your browser, with a set of controls below a Title box, and a large white space below the control buttons. You'll note the red star near the Title box label, which means the Title is required. So start by giving your post a title; it can be changed later.

Your content goes into the large white box below the control buttons. You can originate it directly into your browser, or cut and paste it.  You'll note three paste buttons in the top row: third, fourth and fifth in the second bloc from the left. The last preserves formatting from Word if you use it.

You can format your text using this dialog's tools, usually be selecting the part of your text you want to change and then clicking the button. In most cases the buttons are toggles, so if you click the button a second time you will undo the formatting. There will be several tutorials on this tool on the website eventually.

When you're ready check two things and then click the (Save) button at the bottom left of this dialog. That button maybe out of sight, so scroll down the screen if necessary to see it. The two things to check are

  • The "Text format" should be "Full HTML" to sync your work with the look of the webpage it's joining, and
  • You should reset the "Comment settings," if you want to allow them; the default is no comments.

Then (Save) it. If you have publishing rights, it will appear online immediately after your close this word processing dialog. If you are a contributor, your Editor will be informed by email of your proposed content, and you should hear back from them shortly.