President Blog First Post

Finally!  What a great relief seeing this website finally take wings - even if it is only in early testing.  Mark Leymaster, our Internet Services Director, has been working with a consulting firm for many weeks to bring the website to this point.  From now on much of the input as to how the website needs to function and keeping the content updated is going to fall on our shoulders. 

The design of this website from the groud up is to let people add content.  In the past one had to know HTML and how to FTP files in order to update any of the web pages.  After that, you had to navigate through LINUX security.  This was no easy path towards keeping our content current.  If not for the heroic efforts of some early CPCUGers, the old website would never have been updated.  Contrast that to this new website and you'll see that we've come a long way.

The new site is based on the Drupal content management system (CMS) and allows users to update their content by using a built-in word processor style interface.  It can even spell check your input!  Gone are the days when you needed to know HTML and had to upload the changed web pages.  Everything now is much simpler when updating the content.

Let's make sure that we keep this website up-to-date!