Proposed Website Public Schedule

The Internet Services Director is proposing the following schedule for Board consideration on 11 September. Please comment below. This proposal may be edited before the Board meets, so check the submission date below.

  1. We should make this "new" website public as soon as practical, see item 11.
  2. At the same time the "new" website is made public, the "old" website will go offline.
  3. To do this we may need co-operation from our existing host, Leros, to get the DNS records changed.
  4. Dennis may be able to assist with item 3, and to generally take direct control of our DNS records.
  5. The new security certificate will be issued for CPCUG.ORG, for the new site address and our old email host.
  6. Our existing email service will not change until later. All prior operations will be preserved, but see item 9.
  7. Webmail will now be accessible via the main menu on the new site, as it has been for some months.
  8. The LISTSERV lists for will continue unchanged. The subdomain to the old web interface has to be tested.
  9. Our system for managing individual email accounts deserves review, as it may need changes if Karen's availability is reduced. We might suspend new, free email accounts with membership, apart from renewing existing accounts. Other changes need review, as noted below.
  10. I do not think we need to notify the membership of this change, but if so we need to use snail mail and it will delay us.
  11. Can we go live on Monday, September 23?

Various email service changes would assit our transfer away from Leros, our old host, to DreamHost, who us offers full service for free.

  1. We should seriously consider free membership, at least for minimalist service without a free email account. If we continue email accounts, there should be a reasonable fee, say $36 per year, as we offer privacy and local help not available from free email services.
  2. We must set limits to online email account storage, perhaps 100 megabytes. We are not a cloud storage service.
  3. We could try charging to double that storage to 200 megabytes, but cannot do more for technical reasons.
  4. We should auto disconnect inactive accounts after 3 months, and dispose of inactive content after 6 months
  5. We must get an email address for every member, or charge them extra for paper-based communications.
  6. We might offer enhanced anti-spam services per account, but would have to charge for it.

Respectfully submitted 5 September.