Unlimited Microsoft Training for $99 per Year

In the latest edition of the APCUG NOOZ sent to us by (our APCUG Region2 representative) we learn of a way to get unlimited training from Microsoft for only $99 per year.  This is not some online class where you cannot ask any questions - this is real, live classroom training in the Microsoft Stores.

Of course there are some limitations.  The training is limited to Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office & (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote), Windows Phone, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive, Windows Essentials (e.g., MovieMaker) and Skype.  Another limitation is that you have to sign up for the classes offered at the local Microsoft Store.  For us in the Washington, DC area that means Alexandria, VA and Tysons Corner, VA (sorry Marylanders!).

Are you are having trouble learning the Windows 8.1 interface (and who isn't?).  Want to Skype or email the grandkids?  Finally get around to editing those old videos you took?  Or just want to learn to store backups and important files out in the cloud?  You can't beat the deal here, all the training you can take for one year only $99.