Which are the Best Browsers for using this Website?


Not all browsers work equally well with Drupal, the framework upon which this website is built. The "lighter" your browser the faster and more completely it will respond. Unfortunately Microsoft's Internet Explorer is a heavy browser and it runs slowly and sometimes not right with Drupal websites like ours.

Firefox and Chrome are recommended. Opera and Safari may work, but we've not fully tested them. Please also realize that Firefox or Safari operating on Apple hardware may behave differently than the same flavor of browser under Windows. Older versions of the recommended browsers are also prone to occasional malfunction, especially those that cannot be updated to the current version because the underlying computer or mobile device itself is running an older operating system. We do not currently have data on Linux browsers, but suspect Firefox will work.

Browsing with mobile devices has suitability related issues, but typically there are fewer visits here using Microsoft mobile browsers. This site generally responds to mobile device browsing, but we've not tested more than a few options. Apple iPhones and iPads have passed initial testing, and success with Android smartphones has been reported.