Work progresses on the new website

We are about to embark on the next step towards making our new website real and available to some early testers.  The live test is now online and I'm updating this blog post as my first entry on the new site.  Mark has been working hard with our consultants to put this thing together and everything looks to be right on target.  The consultants did a walk-thru earlier this week with Mark and I to show off the functionality of the site.  After going through all of the features, I am left wondering if we will be able to utilize half of the capabilities that have been put before us.

Our consultant kept asking if we wanted more graphics on our site, something to jazz it up a little.  Other than our new and improved logo, we weren't sure what to suggest to spice up the site visually.  Maybe some of you can offer up some ideas for graphic content now that the site is nearing completion.  We have been focusing on providing ever changing content and admit that we could use some help in the graphics department.  Have any of you CPCUGers got an idea on how to spruce up the site?