Working With This Website is Easy

For the past couple of months I have been forcing myself to get into the habit of logging on to this website and adding something to the conversation.  I suggest that I'm building a habit of accessing the website because that is our vision for how CPCUGers should use this website.  We want this website to be the central point for related communications and information.  But it can only be that if we all participate.

I am finding that adding a few notes, a little update and some thoughts in this blog are pretty easy.  The hardest part seems to be to remember to click on the Save button (at the bottom of the page) to make sure I post the text.  I am getting pretty comfortable adding text and a few HTML highlights.  I think that in the near furture I'm going to try adding some of the fancier features  into my text.  This editor will do a whole lot more than I've asked it to do so far!   It will be fun to run this program/website through its paces.

Why don't you log on and give us your opinion of what we're putting together.