Upgrading CPCUG

For those of you who are trying out this website, you already know that CPCUG.org is upgrading our web presence.  Our plans call for the new website to be the center for communications for all things related to CPCUG.  Between the blogs, the SIG websites, the RSS feeds the plan is to present visitors and members with lots of fresh information on the things we care about.

However, we don't want to stop at just upgrading the website!  We want to upgrade other aspects of CPCUG.org to provide a better experience for those of you who are visiting CPCUG.org either on our website or our meetings.  Have you got an idea that will help make a SIG meeting a better experience?  Why not send that idea along to us and let us know what you think. 


Thanks for the Improvements

The efforts here are already visibly positive. Keep it up. (If there are not blanks between each of these lines, this editor is still ignoring carriage returns)