Wither Microsoft?

Consider this on Microsoft's current layoffs: What the bloodbath leaves behind
    Big software watchers have seen this tragedy before... the good people leave, morale goes down (way down), the bad people cling to their jobs, the company goes in the tank... its a down-ward spiral of no return. I still mourn Borland, e.g.
    Right now the buzz is if Windows 9 doesn't hit one out of the park Microsoft is done, if is not already too late. They don't have the management in place to change course it appears. The new guy in Redmond resembles Mr. Ballmer and that is not so good under the circumstances. Seems to me Microsoft needed someone really new, someone from outside. Large corporations can be is too insular, and arrogance seems to follow.
    As some ousiders see it, Office is rapidly eroding. Hardware cannot help and dilutes the focus, doesn't it? The so called format lock-in is slipping, and unless subscriptions really, really work it may be over. From what I see Windows no longer has a death grip on all computing that it did before the iPad and Chromebook.
    Each and everytime Microsoft has faced actual competition, they've struggled and sometimes lost big.  Come again?


Don't Count Microsoft out just yet

Microsoft does this housecleaning every few years. I wouldn't read too much into it. iPad sales numbers are dropping as the novelty wears off. PC sales are on the rise (albeit modestly) and Office is still king. No one is really challenging Microsoft for the desktop any time soon.