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Interbase may have a Backdoor

I am just an observer, but this caught my eye, When I did Delphi programming, my relational database of choice was Interbase.

Infoworld says at least some versions of interbase have a backdoor, engineered in:

CPCUG Email Was Not Working, Bother

Our email is working again as normal. Sorry for the temporary outage, when the email service stopped working Tuesday later-afternoon to Wednesday mid-morning.

The problem was a badly done security-certificate update, and a time-stamp error which was probably part of the other goof.

Since we've separated the email and the web servers, you can check here to get status (as we know it), when problems like this arise.



Web's Up, Time to think about modernizing Email

CPCUG needs to rethink it's email system.

If we move to free memberships, we will need to change our email service and start charging for it. Our email service, as presently configure is unusually expensive, and being subsidized by other activities.  The main reason for this expense is that we allow practically unlimited storage, and a few email users take unjustified advantage of it. They have been asked to reduce their storage voluntarily, but have not all responded.

Got it Going

Sorry the transition to the new website hung up our email service. I tried hard to anticipate problems, and was reassure that it would not be a problem to have the same domain name on our email, on one service, and the website on annother service. They are playing together now, but it caused some scrambling yesterday.

I appreciate our members' patience, and I apologize that it happend at all.

Proposed Website Public Schedule

The Internet Services Director is proposing the following schedule for Board consideration on 11 September. Please comment below. This proposal may be edited before the Board meets, so check the submission date below.