Working With This Website is Easy

For the past couple of months I have been forcing myself to get into the habit of logging on to this website and adding something to the conversation.  I suggest that I'm building a habit of accessing the website because that is our vision for how CPCUGers should use this website.  We want this website to be the central point for related communications and information.  But it can only be that if we all participate.

Wi-Fi On The Road

In the past, finding free Wi-Fi away from home was difficult, if not impossible. However, most of the fast food restaurants and many other locations now make Wi-Fi available. If that is true, and it is, that should be the end of my article.

However, in a recent column by a local newspaper, there is a growing issue of quality of that Wi-Fi. I have found McDonalds’ connections consistently good. It has the AT&T name and their hotspots seem to be maintained.

Hotel Wi-Fi Networks Installing Malware

If you are traveling this year, there is a new hacking scheme that you should be aware of. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning travelers to watch out for malware that comes through hotel Internet connections.

Upgrading CPCUG

For those of you who are trying out this website, you already know that is upgrading our web presence.  Our plans call for the new website to be the center for communications for all things related to CPCUG.  Between the blogs, the SIG websites, the RSS feeds the plan is to present visitors and members with lots of fresh information on the things we care about.

Board Presentation on Beta Website in Archive

You can now download a summary of the presentation on CPCUG's new website, as presented to the Board yesterday.

Go to Archives on the main Menu, then locate the file in the section for Board of Directors. Click on the hyperlink and it will download automatically.