Proposed Website Public Schedule

The Internet Services Director is proposing the following schedule for Board consideration on 11 September. Please comment below. This proposal may be edited before the Board meets, so check the submission date below.

PassDC approved as a Provisional SIG of CPCUG

Welcome to PASS-DC's new web presence.

Since we've been authorized as a provisional SIG by CPCUG, we've been given our own set of websites on CPCUG's new Drupal-based website.

Watch this space for new developments


What are file types?

Did you ever try to open a file and the computer wouldn’t let you?  Did you ever wonder what those three or four letters mean after the dot (i.e. period) in a file name?  Well, it all has to do with “file types” also known as file “formats”.  And the purpose of my article is to give you a good basic overview of “file types”.

You Just Got A New Windows 8 Computer: Now What?

I know, exactly, that feeling of excitement when you first turn on your new computer.  I have done it many times since my first PC back in 1982. You push the “on” button and wait for the initial screen to show up to give you that wonderful feeling that tells you, you now have a new computer. But after the screen lights up and initial excitement wanes, what do you do next? If you are moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8 there will be a lot of familiar things to do and there will be some new things to consider.

Summertime at CPCUG

Well, with the heat index up around 100º and afternoon thundershowers every day I guess we can say that summer has finally arrived in Washington DC.